Thank you Lyn for your help with Amy. You have certainly changed her life. She was suffering with panic attacks and severly lacking confidence and stressed at the thought of attending college after being bullied at school. You helped her face not only college but the bullies too. She started college and has settled in with no anxieties, issues or problems. We really thought at one point she would throw her academic life away and never be able to so her A levels.

This new confidence has spilt over into other area’s of Amy’s life too. She is a different girl!

We cannot thank you enough x

With love


Thank you so much for helping me Lyn. There were so many area’s of my life where I was lacking courage and confidence. The thought of going to college was to much to cope with and I would rather not have done anything than go and face my fears. With your help, much to my amazement the day of attending college came and I had no worries, fears or anxieties. I could not believe I had no worries or where the feelings and anxieties had gone? I am doing really thanks to you. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody – you have certainly helped me make the most of my life.

Love A xx

Hi Lyn, I didn’t think i would be telling you this so quickly, but M***** went to town on her own yesterday, which is usually a real ordeal for her, and she usually comes back very stressed……however….yesterday she had a good day, could look people in the face, didn’t have to have her head down as she usually does. She came back and told me how much better she felt, then she told ***** when he came home! he was impressed!!! Bet he is glad he booked in for another session now. Just thought i would give you this feed back, it must be very rewarding for you to hear it.

Regards E.

I am so glad that I took the advice of others and went to see Lyn.  A few months ago I was in a very depressed state and felt that the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Within an hour of talking to Lyn she had transformed me from the silent, withdrawn shell of a person that I had become into someone who could now see the wood from the trees and helped me to realise that maybe not everything in the world was as bad as I thought. 

Spending time with Lyn has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life, time seems to fly by in our sessions and I always come out of the experience in a fantastic frame of mind and feel that I am ready to take on the world. I thoroughly recommend these sessions to anyone to really get a clear direction in your life. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

BP (Hampshire)


Sam is amazing! He has not looked so well in years. He even has a new girlfriend, and a new job. Thank you so much for giving us our son back.

I am feeling very liberated, spent my whole life being told what to eat and what not to eat, but no one has ever told me not to eat if I don’t feel like it, crazy but true. Thank you so much for your help Lyn!  I owe you one…

Jenny  (Guildford)


Since we last spoke a lot has changed for me. I got together with my partner in august, got engaged in December and bought a flat together in March. Everything in terms of my head state and wellbeing is brilliant.  It’s hard to believe that I was so low and on antidepressants for years.



I highly recommend Lyn, she has a wonderful ability to connect with people and transport them rapidly to their desired states.  It is rare that you come across somebody with the level of compassion, enthusiasm and client focus that Lyn has.  I look forward to working with Lyn further in the future and to have the honour of experiencing her unique and effective approach.  

James  (Suffolk)


I would like to say a big thank you to Lyn for helping us with our 12 year old daughter. She was getting increasingly anxious and would be physically sick every day at school – so we had to go and collect her. There was no bullying going on and we were at our wits end when a friend recommended Lyn to us. We were a little unsure how Hypnotherapy could help but have been absolutely delighted with the results – Lyn was really calming and put our daughter at ease straight away (my wife stayed in the first session). After only two sessions – all the anxiety and the sickness disappeared and the old confidence returned. Lyn also sent us away with tools for her to use if ever she needs them in the future. We have given Lyn’s details to several friends now and are always hearing good things about the results that Lyn is helping people to achieve.

S & M Winchester


I was a normal unassuming guy with little self confidence and belief in myself and people around me, stuck in a rut, unable to move into the life I wanted for myself and my family. I knew it was in there somewhere but just could not seem to find or be the person I craved for, until a friend suggested I go and see Lyn Cole.  Being a bit of a sceptic I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to loose and feeling so low, what could it hurt?  The first session lasted for two hours, I could not believe how fast the time went, it seemed like I was only in there for an hour or so, I am not kidding I floated out of that building feeling as though nothing could touch me, full of positives and for the first time in years some clarity in the way forward, after a few more sessions I now look at life in a totally different format.   With Lyn’s help and guidance, life seems a lot simpler and a happier place for my family, my friends and most importantly………ME!!

Andy (Portsmouth)


Since seeing Lyn Cole in 2010, for hypnotherapy treatment for arachnophobia I am now able to put a glass over a spider of any size and put it outside without feeling the panic and palpitations I previously experienced. I have never had hypnotherapy before and was nervous at the prospect but Lyn was very professional and put me at ease immediately.  As a result of that one session with her, I am now able to deal with spiders in a way that previously was impossible. I would whole heartedly recommend Lyn and the treatment she offers.

A Hampshire

Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature erases the pain and trauma of childbirth from your memory as soon as you hold your baby.  That is until you are expecting your second and suddenly it all comes flooding back!
Through Hypno-birthing with Lyn we used affirmations, visualisation and relaxation techniques to remove any anxieties and assist with smooth delivery.  When the big day came I felt totally calm, in control and actually enjoyed my experience.  No epidural for me!



‘Lyn was my lifesaver. I saw her on a regular basis for 4/5 months, after a dreadful period in my life. In this short space of time she was able to teach me invaluable life skills. Even though I have now moved away and no longer speak to Lyn on a regular basis I still use what she taught me. Throughout every session Lyn supported me to become stronger. I never felt that she was giving me advice and definitely never judged me, but somehow enabled me to realise what changes I needed to make for myself.  I now feel so much more confident in dealing with my emotions. Lyn empowered me to stand my own ground and made me see that I have every right to do so. In every session Lyn made me feel at ease – she is warm, down to earth, non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable. I felt like I was visiting a good friend who I had known for years, but with the bonus of never having to listen to her worries! 

And on top that she is a hoot.’

P H   Southampton